Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Cat Ate my homework???

Can you believe it.......I was ready to put together my new little design for the Old Mill Stitchery weekend (Oct 25 -27) and I couldn't find the stitched pieces.
After much searching, I was able to locate 2 of them, but the inner lid panel is no where in sight.......and little Miss Chessa's not talking !!!!  In fact she seems rather put out that I found the other two pieces.

So, while I'm restitching, I'll give you a peek of what's left of the Friday night project........

Hope to see you there..................

Happy Fall !!!!


  1. I'm almost sure Chessa has nothing to do with it. :o)
    Cute design! I hope you find the rest of it.

  2. Ahh, I know the feeling. Miss Callie Mae has lots of secrets and never tells. She gets rather annoyed when she is questioned.

  3. Oh no....I have a feline in my home that does the same thing with my threads, and always of course the overdyed ones, not the DMC ones...His name is Chatty perhaps he and Chessa would have many a strategy to talk about :)

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