Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Return from Ocean City

WHEW !!!!  What a whirlwind weekend !!
I'm back from teaching for Sally and Sara at Salty Yarns in Ocean City, MD and as expected it was a crazy, wonderful experience!!

The weather was one of the stars of the show.  Unlike the last time I was there, a small Nor'easter  decided to give us all a run for our money....crazy wind, rain, and waves!  Very exciting !!!

The pictures really don't do it justice .......I nearly blew away trying to take a few outside pics........this was Friday AM.

The much anticipated stitching time on the front porch never did happen............

but by Saturday and Sunday, people did appear on the boardwalk.......we even got to see a little kite sailing on the beach and a few brave soles were kite boarding in the ocean.

Thankfully , stitchers don't get too excited about bad as long as we were all together....we were just fine!!!!

Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of classes or class projects........way too busy having fun !!!     One of the gals in class brought in an old, old piece of mine (Pumpkin Hill) that she had done on 40ct and made into a tiny pinkeep....adorable!!

Most of the ladies, when not in class, were scattered around the fabulous big old hotel lobby........stitching, eating, visiting, laughing, and just generally enjoying time with each other!!

Many brought and shared projects they're working on and the level of the stitching was unbelievable !

Sara and Mary, two of our hosts worked tirelessly the entire weekend to keep things running smoothly. Sally disappears every time a camera comes out.........but her stories are not to be missed.  I always find myself staying up late every night, so that I don't miss any of them!!

Lauren (Forget Me Not In Stitches) shares a new design.

Patty (Sam Sarah) and I enjoyed spending a little down time together.

The whole weekend went way too fast.......but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute .  There is such satisfaction in spending time in this magical old hotel with people who share a passion for stitching.

Thank you all for another wonderful Jamboree