Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Heartland Stitch Camp

 Spent the past weekend in "Stitcher's Heaven".......I taught for the Heartland Stitch Camp again which was held in the quaint old town of Excelsior Springs MO, at the beautiful renovated Elms Inn & Spa.  What a TREAT !!!
 The classes were all held in the ball room with a bank of windows on the one side that looked out over the pool and spa area.....not that these dedicated stitchers looked up from their work that often.....but it was a beautiful setting none the less!

 Kathleen Murphy has been organizing this event for 19 years and I was thrilled to be asked back for a second time.  There were 64 in attendance this year and the whole weekend is a combination of stitching, shopping (Old Mill Stitchery sends up a fabulous boutique on site every year) laughing, stitching, eating, relaxing, stitching, renewing friendships, and did I mention stitching?  These women stitched night and day......unbelievable!!

These are a few  of the pieces they brought to be judged and believe me, my pictures don't do them justice.

These two pieces(above) were stitched entirely over one!

The only bad part of this weekend for me ......is having to judge these pieces.  On top of it being an impossible task, comes the knowledge that Kathleen has designed and hand stitched (over one) beautiful ribbons for each of the winners!!
YIKES!!.......but with the help of Mary and Barb from Old Mill Stitchery, decisions were made. 

 After all the awards were handed out , each person that had entered, came up and talked about the piece she'd entered and why.......the stories were fascinating!

These are all the ladies that kept the weekend running flawlessly with all their hard work and still managed to participate in every activity.  Kathleen is on the right in lavender ....and if you look closely you can see the two projects I designed for this event.  They will be published next spring.......probably by the Nashville Market.

The weekend was over much too soon but I want to thank everyone for allowing me to spend time with all of you.....it's such a treat to be with so many wonderful and dedicated stitchers.
I can't help but return home with a renewed spirit and eager to start work on new projects!!

Thank you all.......may you find time to take a stitch or two everyday!!