Sunday, January 15, 2012

Belated,belated,belated Happy New Year!!!

 YEA !!!!!!  The snow is back...and actually just the right amount.  All the winter "ugly" is covered up and my back country roads are navigable.
 And as you can see I still haven't gotten "Christmas" taken down yet.  The greens are all gone, but I was still enjoying the rest of it, so I've left it up, and now I'm knee deep in working on new designs for the Nashville Market, so it will just have to wait !!!  Hmmmm...maybe if I add some hearts here and there it will help !!  One can only hope !!
 I also am still obsessed with" Hannah Tingey" Christmas present to myself (the best kind of course).  It was the December Sampler of the Month from Attic Needlework and I ordered the silk thread package as well.  It's a gorgeous piece and I'm having trouble putting it down.  Here's my progress so you can tell, I'm a "border first " girl.  I guess that must come from my design mentality.  I also believe that if you get the border right, then you can make any mistake you make in the middle "work" !!
Last, but not least, I had to share a picture of my little "box kitty", Chessa........she's never happier then when she's snuggled inside of something...when I took this shot, she was purring like crazy!!

Happy Belated New Year...can't believe the month is half over already.......hope you all can find a little time to fit in a stitch or two each and every day......I know it just makes me feel better about EVERYTHING when I do !!