Friday, September 13, 2013

Another Sneak Peek !!!!

Gosh, I thought I had sooooooo much time until I started traveling to my October teaching assignments, but actually they are just around the corner !!!

October 11th-13th 2013, I'll be in Ocean City,Md at Salty Yarns, and that piece is actually done and framed....YEA !!!!!
Since I'm a fall lover, I couldn't resist doing a little Halloween's called "Tombstone Mansion".

Can't wait to get to the big old front porch of the hotel, put my butt in a rocking chair and stitch as I'm looking out at the just doesn't get any better than that !!!

Yesterday, I finished the main piece for my annual trek to Old Mill Stitchery in Liberty, Mo.  I'll be there October 25th-27th, 2013........we're hoping some of Chessie's Club members will be able to join us's always a fun weekend !!  Mary and Barb manage to come up with new ideas every year, and I really look forward to seeing everyone and just enjoying time spent with "Stitching Peeps" !!!  (wow, it's soooooo nice to NOT have to explain why I'm obsessed with linen and thread and samplers)

Below are a couple of peeks at "Hope of Spring"   which is one of the pieces for the Liberty Retreat............

There will be another piece as well.......but it's still in the works !!

We're finally getting some "Fall" weather and as usual the babies are taking full advantage of it's cuddle time again!!

Have a great day........hope it include stitching , cuddling or both !!