Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Grande Olde Flag Gathering

I've finally finished another design and have sent it on it's way to my charter , so I can take a few minutes to fill you in on last week's adventure.

You can also see more pictures and details on Jeanne's Blog, www.sgcountrysampler.com,

 It started with a special treat.......3 of the gals who were attending the Gathering had arranged to see the collection of samplers that are owned by the Wisconsin Historical Society on Tuesday morning and they invited me to join them......so I met them near the capital and we had a wonderful time, oohing and aahing over every last detail .  It really is such a privilege to be able to view them up close.  Thanks again, Marie, Torri, and Barb for letting me tag along !!!!
 Tuesday evening the event started with a desert " meet and greet" which included a fabulous homemade strawberry shortcake and many other goodies
 Maggie previewed her main project which got everyone crazy!!!!!

The next day we were all off and running and really never stopped until 4 days later..........wool was cut, boxes were painted, needles were punched, horn books were painted and distressed, crosses were stitched,and linen was dyed , all amid much laughter and a true sense of kinship.

 The above projects were my contribution ......not only did they start the stitching and punching, but they actually did the finishes on the box and horn book....and they all turned out GREAT !!!!!
 Some of the other projects that were done.......Stacy 's Sewing Purse is very hard to see ...but it was wonderful.....it's Jeanne & Reed's barn outside of Spring Green, WI.

And in between all these projects we were fed like queens!!!! 
Jeanne  arranged for a wonderful variety of meals and treats and I couldn't begin to name a favorite......they were ALL wonderful!!!
 Finally, on Saturday, after a private preview of a delightful primitive antique show in town....we ventured out to the farm.......where Maggie had a last little project waiting
 After a lovely lunch......several of the ladies moved their stitching out to the deck to enjoy the view from the back of the barn......it was one of those days that you never wanted to end.  I think, by the end of this Gathering, we all felt like kindred spirits. For me, it was an honor and a privilege to spend time with each and every one of them!!!!!

I know we all returned home with wonderful shared memories and renewed spirits !!!!!
 I also returned home to a hubby laying under the sink ,  installing my new faucet, with the help of Miss Chessa!!!
She never misses a thing.  According to John, she was sound asleep when he started the project....then, at some point, he looked up thru the hole in the sink and saw a little face peering down at him!
Not really a big surprise......she loves to help!!!