Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Home Again !!

 Well.........Sharing pictures from my ipad while at Market  obviously didn't work!!!!  Think it was an operator (me) error.  So I'm back to the regular way and guess I'll just be grateful to manage this much !!

 We're back from the Nashville Market and as promised, here are a few pics of my booth.

 This is for all my cat lovers.......Chessie's Alphabet Needlebook........the inside is finished in wool with a little linen needle leaf with another cat on it .
 Needlebook of Stitches......... is a little wool book with 2 linen "pages" on the inside.  There are 15 or 16 of my favorite speciality stitches on the pages and it's meant to be used as a reference guide as well as a needlebook.
 Lulu's Flock is named for my sister, Mary Lou, who loves sheep.  This design is kind of a follow up piece to my "Three Sheep Sampler"  It's stitched on 32ct vintage Meadow Rue from Lakeside Linen using all Crescent Colours overdyed cotton threads
 "Glory House" is a little patriotic kit that comes complete with linen,  silk floss, and a there's no excuse not to start stitching it immediately !!!  Ha, ha......don't we think those same thoughts with every kit we buy?

And last but not least..........Scarlet's Summer Sampler.......the lastest addition to the Scarlet Pomegranate series.  This is the one I teased you with last time.  It's stitched on 36ct vintage Pearled Barley from Lakeside Linen using Belle Soie and Gloriana silk threads.

Thanks to you  all for  your well wishes for Market......they must have worked....because I sold out pretty much all of the new "stuff".  It was a really wonderful market this year.  Everyone was very upbeat and eager to take new  product home to their stitchers.  I didn't get out to look around much (which is a good thing really), but Jeanne from "Country Sampler" gave me a peek at some of the goodies she brought back for her shop and they all looked wonderful!!

We had a great time catching up with old friends and even got to antique along the all in all the trip was a huge success!!'s back to "earth"......I have to assemble more charts, get out a few stray orders and start working on new designs.

Hope you get out to your local shops , pick up some new "goodies" and get stitching !!!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We're off to Nashville

The van is packed .......hopefully nothing forgotten....and we're ready to head for the Nashville Market ......but before I leave, I just wanted to share what my little "helper" does while I'm trying to put all the charts together.

 She really gets very insistant about about being part of the I've learned to allow her to find a spot to settle and observe, otherwise she literally will stretch out across as many charts as possible and stare at me ...daring me to move her!!!!
One quick peek at "Scarlet's Summer Sampler" ......sorry it was the only picture  I could put me hands on since every thing is packed......I'll try to take some shots of everything in the booth with my ipad and post from the Market.  Wish me luck......just when I think I've got this blogging thing down.....something goes HORRIBLY wrong !!

I'm really looking forward to seeing old and new friends at market and catching up with what's new in the industry.....can't wait !  Also looking forward to getting a little stitching in while we're on the stitching bag is LOADED with project !!!  I know I'll never get to all of them,but like every other stitcher I know, we always have to have "choices"

Hope you all fit a stitch or two in to your day!