Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New Stuff

As Promised, here are the two new pieces that I've released.  The automatic shipments went out on Monday, so hopefully they will be in local shops by tomorrow...fingers crossed!!!

This first one is "Autumn Sewing Book"  and is stitched on  vintage Exampler from Lakeside Linen  using overdyed cotton threads from Crescent Colours and Weeks Dye Works. 
The books may be a little hard to find...try Michael's or Hobby Lobby...but will work equally well on a small rectangular paper mache box.

It's a quick stitch and was a lot of fun to design as fall seems to be my favorite season!!!!

This second piece......"Hallow Wee House" a complete kit using lakeside linen and silk threads and is a sweet little piece that can be made into a pin keep, ornament or put in a small frame.  This one is Chessa's favorite ......I'm sure it's because of the cat!!!!

The weather is really starting to feel like FALL today.....and I can hardly wait to get my pumpkins out on my porch and fill the house with fall decor.  Hopefully, I'll be able to accomplish that this week, before leaving for the Shepherds' Bush Retreat.  I'm really looking forward to fall in the Utah's an absolutely spectacular time of year there!!!!!
Hope to see many of you at the retreat and for those of you who couldn't make it, I'll try to take a bunch of pictures, so I can fill you in on my return.

Until then......dig out your fall stitching and get inspired !!!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall is in the air

It's finally starting to feel like FALL !!!!!!!  Today we're in for a much needed soft, slow all day rain.......sooooo even though I'm working on new projects, I've decided to pull out my fall stitching and add some progress to the pieces.

It always feels like I'm pulling "old friends" out of hiding and yet at the same time starting something "new".

 The bottom piece is one of my current favorites, Black'd Skie by The Primitive Needle.........I'm stitching it on 36ct vintage Pear using cotton over dyed threads, and the top is the little "Pumpkin Hill" from Shepherds' Bush.

I also felt compelled to finally start "Lucy Redd" from Homespun Elegance.  I had succumbed to Jean Lea's (Attic Needlework) beautiful silk conversion of this piece, but had yet to start stitching it, so I have decided this will become part of my "fall" collection as well.  I'm stitching it on 36ct vintage Meadow Rue and it's really fun to see how the new color palette unfolds.

Wanted to give you a sneak peek of two new pieces that will be released in the next week or so, depending on how soon I get them packaged.  I'll include complete pictures as soon as I get them completed.

And last but certainly not least.......I just had to share some Chessa craziness.  I've been trying to capture this sequence for some time and finally have managed to get part of it.

She is, as my hubby, John, likes to call her......a "box woman"!!!!    Any box, no matter what size, she has to get in it!!!!  So some months ago, John taped one shut, cut a hole in it and set it on the floor.  It's become her secret hideout.  She pulls herself in, turns around, sits inside for hours as if no one can see her, then pulls herself out and walks away to engage in some new activity

The only bad part is . we now have this ratty packing box as part of our family room decor.  Oh well, I'm sure it could be worse!!!
Well, back to business for me...I'm kitting for Shepherds' Bush Retreat in a couple of weeks.......can't wait to be out in the glorious Utah mountains with all you crazy stitchers !!!!!

Until next time......wishing you a little time to stitch each day!!