Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Liberty Weekend !!

Just got back from teaching in Liberty, MO for Old Mill Stitchery and as usual I think everyone had a GREAT time !!!

It really is like coming home for me......there are so many loyal stitchers that come back again and again to take my classes at the Old Mill and I am forever grateful to you all !!!

Every year I try to come up with something a little different just to get them out of their comfort zone and each time, they seem willing to follow along and give the project a try.

This time we not only painted the book boxes but I had them do some stenciling and then we lined the inside as well........lots of painting and gluing for these stitcher ladies !!!!

They got very serious about fitting the journal paper for the lining of the book.

Here's a peek of the finished project from Friday's class.  I'ts called "Queen Bee Stitch Book" and will be released next year.

During "Show & Tell".......Shelly and Diane both showed off their finished "Seasons of Chessie" Club pieces and discovered they had mounted them in the opposite directions on their horn books.  Both looked great !!

The most amazing piece at "Show & Tell" was stitched and finished by Jeanie Bundy.........I believe it's another fabulous design from Sherri Jones of Patrick's Woods.

Saturday's project was the spring version of "Where Stitching Leads", Breath of Autumn", and Thoughts of Christmas" called "Hope of Spring".

Mary, Barb and Denise worked tirelessly (as usual) to make the whole weekend  very special and we shared many laughs and fun stories and ate WAY too much good food !!!

Now I'm back home staring at the cats and wishing we were still all together..........there's nothing that renews my soul, like spending time with my stitching "friends"........and if you've never taken a class or stitch retreat, I highly recommend's just so rewarding to be in the company of people who understand your passion for stitching !!!!

May you all continue to find time to take a stitch each day !


  1. I love Liberty, MO! It is such a fun place and nicest people. Beautiful projects

  2. Thanks for sharing the retreat! It looks like it was a very fun time : )

  3. I found a phone # for Old Mill Stitchery, but I could find a web site. Do they have one? I really would love to join the "Seasons of Chessie" Club. I know those patterns are from last year, but are they still avail. if you join now? I REALLY want to do them!!