Monday, May 7, 2012

A "Share" and a "Peek"

 Just got these framed pieces back and I had to share them with you....yes, I actually do get to stitch other people's designs!!!!!  These are both old but I still love them.

The piece above is "Women of the Mayflower" from an old Fine Lines magazine and I just had to stitch it since I had relatives on the Mayflower.
 And this one is an old Examples from the Heart titled The Green House Sampler (I think)
 I've been doing a lot of designing lately.....which as you can see really excites Brewster and Chessa...but at least they do stick close by while I'm working......and I much prefer this location to when they drape themselves across my work space ...just to make sure I notice that they're around.

I'll be teaching at the Country Sampler in Spring Green WI in a couple of weeks.....I think June 7-9.......and I told Jeanne I'd give you peek at what I'm working on.
 The piece is patriotic and will be mounted on a primitive horn book which we will finish in class.
Stacy Nash and Maggie Bonanomi will be teaching projects as well...can't wait to see what they come up with.

"It's a Grande Olde Flag Gathering", I'm told, still has a few opening and if you're interested, you can find all the details at,

I know it's going to be a fun weekend.....I hope to see some of you there!!

As soon as I get this piece done.....I've got to start working on more new stuff for other teaching "gigs" later this rest for the wicked, I guess...... but I'm not complaining.....teaching in different areas of this great country of ours really give me wonderful inspiration !

Until next time , may you all find a little time to take a stitch or two preferably curled up with your favorite's just the BEST!!

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  1. Nice finishes Linda.
    As always, love the pics of Brewster and Chessa. :)
    The sneak peek looks like a keeper!