Thursday, May 31, 2012

Class Projects

Just sent pictures of the class projects I'll be teaching for the Country Sampler in Spring Green Wisconsin next week.......and decided to give them a preview here as well.

The first one is a little punch needle piece...."Stars and Bars"
It gets mounted on a 4" box lid and makes a darling pin keep.

This piece is called "Grande Olde Flag Sampler"  and is mounted on a large horn book which you will distress and finish painting in class.

Jeanne has decided to allow extra kits to be if you're interested, contact her at,

I talked to her this AM and she said there were still a few available.......finishing instructions will be included with the horn book.  (I conned John into making them for me again, but there was a limit!!!!!)

That's all for now...I've got to get these kits made up and I'm still working on new designs for upcoming teaching assignments .  It doesn't look like I'll get to stitch much for myself this summer.....but with all the new designs in the works, at least I'll get to STITCH!!!!!


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  2. Everything looks great Linda.
    Love the flag box.