Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Delaware Retreat part 2

I'm all caught up with shipping and paperwork, so I can get back to sharing my adventures in Delaware.

While still at Winterthur, we also got to see an exhibit, The Diligent Stitch , where we were allowed to take photos, so below are some of the wonderful items on display.

What a special day!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Saturday, I met with the rest of the ladies who were taking the class .  They did the prestitching for this little stitch book  I designed for them, so after painting, waxing, distressing, and lining the little boxes during class, they were actually able to go home with a "finished project".

I thoroughly enjoyed everyone that came to class......they were all willing to jump in and get messy when they had to and hopefully were inspired to tackle other finishing on their own !!

Sunday, I taught my one and only "Teaching Piece" , The Unfinished Sampler, which is a reproduction that is only partially finished.  In class we discuss how it could be completed and I supply info on the history, symbolism and then offer charted motifs to use in the completion.  It's always interesting to me to see what people plan on doing to put their own twist on the completion.

Ruth and Stacy, working on assembly of the "Delaware House Stitch Book".

Debby, brought show and tell of some of her fabulous finished stitchery........

These pieces are all "Just Nan" .....absolutely gorgeous !!!

The rest are my designs....... I loved how she finished those little "kits" I offer each year.

This last one is a comparison of my model of "Scarlet's Summer Sampler" on the right on 36ct linen, and Debby's done on 40ct........the smaller version is just too sweet !!

All too soon the "fun" was over and I was heading back home to face all the work and projects needing my attention.......

Thank you again Stacy, for all the special treatment over the long weekend, I enjoyed every minute of it !

And to all of the Guild members I had the pleasure to meet, what a wonder group of women you all are.  I was honored to spend the weekend with you and get to know you all a bit!!
Hopefully, our paths will cross again soon!!


  1. Just want to say that I love the tree you used for this design. How great for these ladies that they got to meet you and work on finishing their project with you.

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