Thursday, October 23, 2014

Return from Park City

Hi All, I'm back from the fabulous Shepherds' Bush Retreat in Park City, UT, and of course wanted to share some of the fun we had.  Even though I took an extra day on either end, the time went way too fast (guess that's another sign of getting old, but let's not go there).

Our first stop of course was "The Shop" in Ogden...also known to many as "Stitcher's Mecca".

Unless you've experienced it in person, it's really hard to describe......the shop is sooooo full of's always hard to know where to look.  Every inch of wall space is literally covered with's really unbelievable !!!  

I think you could spend days just looking at everything !!!

As you can see, it's a REALLY  fun least Jeanette, Teri, and I think so.

This was my view of Paulette most of the week....besides being a wonderful designer, she's a professional photographer, at least in my mind !!  if you want to see really great retreat pics, check out her blog next week !!  I'm sure she'll have her "stuff" up by then.

After an afternoon of Oooohing and Aaaahing , we headed into the mountains to Park City.  Below are a few of the breathtaking views out our condo windows and balcony.

Jeanette (Jeanette Douglas Designs), Paulette (Plum Street Samplers), Pat Ryan and Ann Robbins (R&R Reproductions) and I shared a condo and spent many late nights and early mornings stitching and laughing together.  I loved every minute of it !!!

We couldn't wait to see each other's class like little kids on Christmas morning, brought out our pieces, laid them out next to each other and "shreeked" because they all looked sooooo beautiful and really complimented each other.  You can't imagine how nerve wracking it is to not know what anyone else is designing until you get to the Retreat......

Here are the fabulous results !!!

First is Tina's for Shepherds' Bush................

Then Paulette's of Plum Street Sampling.......

Next is Jeanette's from Jeanette Douglas Designs.......

Then Pat and Ann's offering from R&R Reproductions.....

And finally, mine...........

The theme was "Over the River and Through the Woods" and Fall, and as you can see we all had very different interpretations........yet they all worked well together.

Cecile from JABCO also designed an adorable stuffed wool pumpkin with buttons of course, but I didn't get a chance to get a photo.

We all participated in making our own buttons under the watchful eyes of Cecil and Rachael on Friday night and I think I speak for all of us , when I say we have a new appreciation for that skill !!!!!

I've got a few more pictures to share, but my blog page is acting up and I'm afraid I'll lose what I've already I'll try to be back with part 2 tomorrow.......stitch on something you love until then!!


  1. Thank you for taking us on a photo journey of your time at the SB retreat. What fabulous retreat projects and a beautiful fall environment.

    Robin in Virginia

  2. Looks like you had a fantastic time! Gorgeous designs by all.....thanks for sharing your trip.