Monday, July 14, 2014

New Release

Just a quickie to let you see my new release.........

This is "Days of Liberty" and is the first in a series called Seasons of Chessie.  There will be 4 in the series, all mounted on wool, then a horn book, but you could easily frame them if you wish.  The design measures 5" x 5" on 32ct linen and is a fun quick summer stitch........hope you enjoy !!

I also had to share Brewster after he cleaned out 3 cans of his favorite , water packed tuna, while I was making a cold seafood salad and trying not to step on him !!!!  He was so thrilled that Chessa never showed up to fight over the spoils and he actually fell asleep surrounded by all his cans !!

That's all for now.......I working on new club pieces as well as new designs for the St Charles will be here before I know it !

Find a cool spot on your porch or deck and enjoy some summer stitching ! 


  1. Charming! thx for sharing ; )

  2. It's beautiful, but where did you get the hornbook?

  3. It's beautiful, but where did you get the hornbook?

  4. Awesome stitch! Loving the colors...

  5. Hi Linda,
    I came across your blog through FLEW THE COOP blog.
    What a fun blog you have. I love seeing everyone's work especially work that I can't do like and a sewing machine should never work together...seems I'm always getting the bobbin messed up - but then it could be my machine as it isn't a new one.
    Anyway, love your blog.

  6. I think you've hit it out of the ballpark with these ones! I want 5 of them! There goes my budget!