Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Chessie's Heirlooms Club

Just a quickie in the midst of our kitchen redo project.  What started out as getting only new quartz counter tops , which someone else installs , has progressed to installing a new under the counter sink, all new plumbing and cutting out the back wall because I found an extra deep sink........ new faucets, ripping out our old tile backsplash, repairing the drywall, installing new tumbled marble tile backsplashs (all the steps take about 2 weeks) and refinishing the cabinets.

We're still in the process of sealing the backsplashs and finishing the cabinets, but the end is in sight !!!!!  I'm going to be really glad we did all this when it's done, but at this point, I still can't SEE my new counter tops and I'm far, far, behind on design time !!

In between all the mess, I have managed to finish the 1st club piece for the Chessie's Heirlooms club I'm doing with Tomorrow's Heirlooms and wanted to give you a peek.....

There will be 4 projects during the year and each one will come with a different handmade wooden piece.

This first one is a tool caddy and the kit will include the caddy, all the materials to make and assemble the panel for the caddy, the fob and needle book .  If you're interested, you can contact Tomorrow's Heirlooms for more details and prices.

All the stitched pieces are lined or backed in wool, which is also included in the kit.

Hope you enjoy.......I'm being called back to refinishing.......so until next time.......take a stitch for me!!


  1. Gotta have!!!!! But where do I go? Not sure which shop to contact. Please post the shop info. Good luch with the remodel. Bet the kitties are all undone with the commotion!!