Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Last Retreat of the year

Soooooooo....... I just got back from teaching at my last retreat of the year.......and what a great way to end !!!!!!

I taught for Old Mill Stitchery in Liberty, MO again and it always feels like "going home" for me.  Mary and Barb invite me back every year and for the most part, the same wonderful group of ladies show up to share another class with me !!!!

We decided on a Christmas theme this year's a peek at the two pieces I taught.  On Friday night we started with the smaller piece which could be used as a little pin keep or finished as an ornament.

Just had to share these serious stitchers with all their lights.  It looked like they were all stitching in a cave.

Two new gals from Colorado joined us this time...Judy and Theresa.......and they brought the project they've been jointly working on lately........."Ann Dale" from Shakespeare's Peddler......and we were all in awe of the progress they had made !!!!

Theresa's is on 36ct and she's stitching it in silk........

.........and Judy's is on 40ct using cotton floss.  Both are absolutely stunning !!!!!! 

Saturday , we worked on the main project...the larger sampler in the previous picture, and everyone seemed  to enjoy the piece.  

Everyone looks so serious.........which was hardly the case.......there was lots of teasing and telling tales on each between all the "stitching".

The next couple of pictures are of my favorite part....."show and tell".  

It's always so interesting to see what everyone is stitching and to see how they have finished them.  It  inspires me to see the amount of projects these ladies actually accomplish!!!!

We had a great, although much too short weekend...........lots of food , laughter, stitching and of course GREAT shopping!!!!!!  Mary and Barb always fill the shop with tempting treasures.  Can't wait till next fall !!

I've returned home with a renewed spirit and eager to start working on new projects!!!!  

Thanks again ladies, from the bottom of my heart, for your continued support, it really means the world to me!!!


  1. What a super sampler you taught..... just beautiful!!

  2. I love the pieces that you taught !! Do you think they will be available for sale as a leaflet at a later date? (

  3. Too much fun!!!!! Don't you love Judy and Theresa, they are the sweetest and I love the Ann Dales!!!!!