Thursday, July 12, 2012

Quick Check in

Just a quick check in as I'm packing for another teaching weekend....this time in Ill at Tomorrow's Heirlooms.

Last week was WAY too hot so I spent it working on new projects indoors with the AC running.  And over the 4th , I gave myself a couple of days to work on other designer's projects and actually got two things finished.  It's always such a feeling of accomplishment to actually finish a project !!!!

 As you can see I love to stitch other designer's work "in season"....I may end up stitching on the same piece for several "seasons", but I figure that eventually everything gets done  and I'm never bored with working on the same piece!!!!  The one above was a favorite because of all the wonderful patriotic sayings...and now it's done...YEAH!!!!
 And this piece is the one Maggie Bonanomi taught at the Grande Olde Flag Gathering last month.  I was able to purchase an extra kit and I became obsessed with getting it finished.  The size was perfect for my kitchen counter.
And last, but not least......Chessa's new napping spot.  For the last two weeks, if I can't find her, I just head up to the office, and there she is , curled up in the bag !

Well, back to work for me.....I'll  report in on the Tomorrow's Heirloom weekend when I get back.  I can't should be a lot of fun.  It's always so good to spend time with stitchers!!

Until then....hope you too can get a project's such a GREAT feeling!!


  1. Wow, your "Maggie" project looks fab!!! I haven't finished mine yet but may "borrow" your idea with your initials on the end. Love it.

  2. Cats do know where to find the best spots.

  3. Hi Linda! Thank you for such a wonderful two days!!! Loved being able to meet you and chat on Friday night. Loved looking at your models and being able to frenzy over your charts!!!

    Your class project and gifts were amazing!!! Love the main piece...and guess what I did today?? Smyrna cross stitches!!!! They look so cool! I did another row of satin stitches too! Thanks for your excellent teaching style...I learned a lot and am not scared of "weird" stitches anymore. Henceforth, they shall be known as specialty stitches to me!!!

    Hope our paths cross again!!!

  4. forgot to add my name to the above post!!

    This is Laura Duet....

  5. Hi Linda! Thank you again for the wonderful class and designs and patient tuteledge (sp?) on my linen stitching!!! I actually worked on the piece a bit yesterday and am NOT frustrated yet- :) I enjoyed meeting you- thanks again!!!!

    Patti Lindeman

  6. Linda -- It was so wonderful to meet you and take a class from you this past weekend! I thoroughly enjoyed the class piece and can't wait to start some of the designs I bought too:))

    Have a great week! Brenda Siwecki

  7. I love your patriotic sampler...who is the designer and what is the name of the chart?? I would love to stitch this myself. Thank you.