Friday, December 16, 2011

Part 3 is out the door

 Just sent hubby John off to the Country Sampler with part 3 of Chessie's Club......Make Do Sampler.  Here's a peek!!
This project has been so much fun for me to design...hope you're all having as much fun working on it!!

Our house is finally "dressed for the season".......I love decorating with fresh greens and this year, John scored a HUGH fallen fir tree from across the for several days I spent most of my time cutting branches from it and adding them to every surface throughout the house.
The cats wore out their little noses sniffing each and every pine bough that came through the door !!!  Believe me...a fun time was had by ALL!!!
This is an after Thanksgiving shot which mimiced what we all wanted to do after the feast....I know it's very last month, but they look so contented, I thought it was still worth sharing.

Happy Holidays to all!!


  1. Part 3 is nice Linda. Great trees.
    I bet your house smells soooooooo good from the tree.
    I love the way the kitties are always huddled together. :)
    Have a great Christmas!

  2. Linda, I love parts 1 & 2, Tonight begins International Hermit Stitching Weekend, my stitching this weekend is devoted to 'Make Do' Sampler. Are you planning another series for next year? I do hope....Love the designs & the threads. Merry Christmas & Thank you.